Apply for a Grant


2000 Hearts aims to provide a quick response to community needs, and fund projects that aim to support children, individuals and families in crisis, especially those who are experiencing hardship and marginalisation such as homelessness, poverty and lack of access to education, housing and employment.

Who Can Apply

At this stage, only community based groups or organisations within Australia are eligible to apply.

An ABN is required, applicants are not required to have Deductible Gift Recipient status, though it is preferred.

Overview / Purpose

We aim to carry out partnership activities with other organisations to develop new projects and innovations in the areas of homelessness, hardship, poverty and lack of access to education, housing and employment. This is a program whereby funds will be made available at the discretion of The 2000 Hearts fund.

Assessment Criteria

Applicants must demonstrate a capacity to implement the project, and must display competency in the field of the projects or have included appropriate capacity building in the project design.

Preference is given to small, discrete projects that meet the needs of a community rather than supplementing the funding of large projects.


The following will not be funded:
– Vehicles.
– Individuals/wages
– General fundraising appeals.
– Deficit funding.
– Government bodies
– Projects that will rely on recurrent funding from the Helping Hands Fund.
– Organisations that have or have had access to significant government or other funding.
– Projects that do not meet the identified criteria and priority goals of the The 2000 Hearts fund
– Retrospective funding or funding for recurrent administrative costs.
– Programs that duplicate existing services.
– Government bodies.
– Submissions from organisations that have not acquitted previous funded project(s).
– Activities that may be deemed harmful to the community
– Personal expenses.

Funding will be allocated towards six specific areas of interest:
– Employment
– Education
– Homelessness
– Family support
– Social cohesion and inclusion
– Poverty and disadvantage

Grants of up to $3,500 are available.

Eligible Activities

Eligible activities include projects that address the following priority areas:
– Disadvantaged families
– Return to employment
– Families in crisis
– Social inclusion
– Educational support for students
– Individuals or families experiencing homelessness and hardship

if you have any questions regarding your application – please contact