How involved can I get?

That is pretty much up to you. Once you become a member, you can refer ideas to us of where you see need.

You might like to contact grassroots organisations that operate in your area and encourage them to apply for our biannual grants.

If you have experience in NFP’s or charities/charitable trusts and would like to be involved in our grant giving – please let us know.

Let people know about the 2000 Hearts fund and encourage your friends and family to follow your lead.

An organisation like 2000 Hearts comes together with the consistent help of a tribe.

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Grants Team

Currently community grants are distributed twice a year. Grants and adhoc payments are decided by a volunteer Grants Team who review grant applications and make recommendations. Our committees are made up of dedicated people looking to build stronger communities and help those at risk or experiencing hardship. We thank them for their time and valued service.

Susie Longman – Susie is the founder of 2000 Hearts. After a lifetime of community involvement, particularly in Youth, Homelessness and Mental Health, Susie has seen first hand the need for financial support of front line organisations, both through grants and crisis assistance. Social inclusion, homelessness and domestic violence are areas of keen interest to Susie.



Cam Christie – Originally from Sydney, Cam now lives on the Gold Coast and is a keen volunteer in his local community. He is Co-founder of the Gold Coast Community Christmas Lunch which is in its 10th year of providing lunch for up to 700 people on Christmas Day and ensuring that no Gold Coast kid goes without a visit from Santa. He has a personal interest in suicide prevention and mental health.




Taffy Longman – With over two decades working in community stakeholder engagement, Taffy brings a wealth of experience to the organisation. His first love is Rugby Union, as a player and coach. He has a solid belief in the restorative and inclusive power of team sports, particularly for young people.




Ryll Burgin-Doyle – Ryll has been growing businesses for nearly 30 years. She is the Founder of the stepUP Foundation, which over a decade worked with nearly 20,000 teens in three countries, approximately 42 of which were underprivileged or at risk. That experiences means she is ever present to the difference even a little hand up can make, whether financial, physical or emotional. 2000 Hearts helps across those arenas and is now a personal passion of Ryll’s alongside her husband Craig Doyle.



Troy Norrish – Originally from Sydney, Troy is now settled in Melbourne. Troy has worked in the services management space for close to two decades and has a passion for equality, anti-bullying and inclusion. Troy brings this passion and a great eye for detail and process to the organisation.




Suzy Yates – is a radio broadcaster/producer of talkback radio and a volunteer and wildlife carer with WIRES. She also has a passion for kids and has been on the Board of Ronald McDonald House Randwick for over 10 years.




Susan Tyrrell – More than two decades of business experience and a background in journalism has provided Susan with a keen eye for detail, particularly in financial areas and sustainable business practices. Moving to regional Queensland in 2015, she has gained advisory roles that work to build sustainable communities and economies and is passionate about providing accountable assistance and support through involvement with 2000 Hearts.




Jace Cosgrove – is a Director of Your Wealth Corporation and has worked in the financial services industry for the past 15 years. With an accounting background, Jace quickly realised his interests lay in structuring tax effective and long term wealth building strategies – not just counting the beans. A proud family man, he firmly believes that he will achieve everything he wants, if he helps enough other people achieve what they want.



John Noonan – Almost retired, but ‘still working’ as a volunteer with several community groups. John is dedicated to helping those who society rejects. Former business owner for over 40 years, JP and Commissioner for declarations for the same period, John’s passion is to put a shoulder to the wheel for those who place the needs of others before themselves. He aims to assist with organizational skills and genuine care.




Massive thanks also to our steering committee, supporters and general helpers who keep the wheels rolling.