Why 2000

2000 Hearts exists to support children, individuals and families who are experiencing hardship and marginalisation such as homelessness, poverty, lack of access to education, housing and employment.

2000 Hearts is built on the principle of cumulative effect – when enough people come together and give a little, we’re able to achieve a lot.

The 2000 Hearts concept was developed to formalise and expand the ongoing efforts of a group of friends who have answered the call of need from people in crisis. Since 2013, that has included:

  • A walker for a disabled man
  • Air travel to return a teen to NZ after family breakdown
  • Clothing for people to attend interviews
  • White card to enable a mum to return to work
  • 4 weeks rent for a single dad who was injured at work
  • Online training to enable a man to return to work
  • School supplies for over 70 children
  • Numerous items of clothing, footwear, bedding and toiletries
  • Varied support to women and families in domestic violence shelters
  • Emergency accommodation for a heavily pregnant woman
  • Air travel for a marginalised man to attend his mothers funeral
  • 12 months rent for a community group to provide a hot sunday meal for a homeless community

From this hands-on experience, 2000 Hearts was created – We saw an opportunity to formalise, grow and yet simplify what we were already doing.

By a group of people donating $5 a week (less than a cup of coffee!) there will always be a fund available to assist those in crisis.